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Makeup By Margo


A series of wedding artistry ventures

Our Latest Blog Entry

September, 17 2021

Welcome to my new website and my first official blog post.....ever. So far, during this entire website building process, and becoming more online savvy, I realized I am in no way shape or form, good with technology. But, thank goodness for those who are experienced, because the need to consult with them has been great and has been met. I absolutely love to write and chat and through this blog, I hope to be able to share my experiences and adventures with you all. Being a hair and makeup artist is not as one dimensional as it may appear. There's so much, we as the first ones on the scene. see and feel. that no one else does. There's waking up early with the bridal party, two breakfasts, quick changes, making sure the bride eats in between hair and makeup.....or experiencing someone's first photoshoot. Whether that be boudoir or even a family/engagement shoot. I absolutely enjoy asking all the questions, including,  "Have you ever had your hair and makeup done professionally before?" Which is usually followed with a "No, this is my first time!" That always seems to make it a bit more exciting. I'm so happy to have finally been able to start my blog adventure and to share all the behind the scenes of the bridal world with everyone. Stay tuned for my next blog post.